Research Areas

Our research emphases include entrepreneurship, dairy profitability and milk markets, alternative and local food initiatives, animal welfare, women in farming, trade agreements, biotechnology and biofuels.

Communication and educational methods research focuses on the practices, principles, and processes associated with the transfer, application, and adoption of knowledge in formal and nonformal learner-centered programs.

Reciprocal relationships among health, well being, social and civic engagement of individuals and families and the association between individual and community welfare are addressed.

Recent emphases include the consequences of economic restructuring, rural revitalization, policy design and analysis, and the linkages between sustainable development strategies and land use.

Recent emphases include water quality, human activities affecting wildlife populations, fire management, global climate change, and forest and land use change in the US and internationally.

The impact of globalization and cultural issues on food, agricultural and community systems as well as the transfer of knowledge, ideas, and practices in other countries and communities are explored.

Research in this area focuses on effective leadership programming for both youth and adults, the investigation of factors affecting leadership skill acquisition, and the application of leadership training and skills in communities and organizations.

Recent emphases include rural youth outmigration, new patterns of immigration to rural areas of the US, consequences of HIV/AIDS on labor availability in Africa, and agricultural household labor decision-making processes.