The COVID-19 pandemic is confronting our communities in extraordinary ways. In the face of uncertainty, we can look to data from the recent past to build our understanding of the places where we live and work. Learning about our communities by looking at data can help us understand which people may be hit most hard and how we want to move forward.

The resources on this page may be of interest to community decision-makers and local groups. If you have questions about any of the information shared here, please contact:

COVID-19 & Life-Sustaining Employment in Pennsylvania

This report provides a summary of the number of jobs and the amount of payroll in Pennsylvania that comes from sectors classified as life-sustaining and non-life-sustaining based on May 2020 state orders. Please note that these estimates do not indicate how many jobs nor how much payroll was actually 'lost' as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown. While the longer-term economic impacts of the business shutdowns and reopening are not yet known, this report sheds light on the business environment during the most severe point of the shutdown to date (as of late September, 2020). View the report here

County-specific information about jobs and payroll by life-sustaining status at the sector level are also available in these appendix tables (find your county's information here)

MAP: Vulnerable Pennsylvanians in the Context of a Pandemic

These maps look at some of the ways that Pennsylvanians may be vulnerable to risk in times of crisis. Each section explores a vulnerability factor through an interactive map and discussion questions. The data currently displayed in the maps shows what conditions were like before the COVID-19 pandemic. As you explore the data, consider what this might mean for your community moving forward. Decision-makers can use this resource to inform how they respond to local challenges.

View the StoryMap:


2019 County Profile Reports & COVID-19 Discussion Guide

The CECD has created profiles for all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. The profiles review important population, quality of life, economic, and agricultural information. Each profile includes figures and tables about your county and others for comparison. Discussion questions help you think about what the data reveal about your county. View all profiles and download a copy.


To help you think through the impacts of COVID-19 for the communities you serve, we've created some new discussion questions. Download our COVID-19 county profile discussion guide.


Highlighted CECD Economic Trend Analysis

Pennsylvania: Bust to Boom? Great Recession to Recovery & Beyond (2008-2018)
Full of maps and graphs, this report looks at the geography of job change in Pennsylvania from the 2008 Great Recession to recovery and beyond.

Pennsylvania Employment on the Move (2001-2017)
This report looks at the changing geography of jobs in Pennsylvania during the 2001-2008 and 2008-2016 business cycles. Our analysis suggests that job growth during both business cycles was concentrated in southeastern PA, while the rest of the state experienced a mix of slow employment growth and decline from 2001-2008, followed by widespread decline from 2008- 2016.

Pennsylvania: Great Recession to Recovery? (2008-2014)
This report explores job change in 19 major industries and 256 detailed industries in Pennsylvania from 2008 to 2014. Special focus is on the impact of the Recession and recovery on jobs in high-, middle-, and low-wage industries.

Middle-Income Job Decline in Pennsylvania (2001-2013)
This report tracks job change in 17 major industries in Pennsylvania during 2001-2013.