The Northeast Digital Equity Summit was made possible through the enthusiastic and dedicated collaboration of our multi-state planning team. The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development staff extends our sincere gratitude to the following planning team members:

  • Peter Wulfhorst, Penn State Extension
  • Cristy Schmidt, Penn State Extension
  • Isaias Y Tesfalidet, University of Maryland Extension
  • Jesse M. Ketterman, University of Maryland Extension
  • Paul Treadwell, Cornell Cooperative Extension

We are also indebted to several people who are providing Zoom and technical support during the Summit, including:

  • Neal Fogle, Penn State Extension
  • John Turack, Penn State Extension
  • Yashi Sinha, University of Maryland Extension
  • Gunakshi Sharma, University of Maryland Extension
  • Pruthvi Shyam Billa, University of Maryland Extension

Learn more about the Summit here