A collection of publications on land-use topics, authored or co-authored by Center staff and/or partners.

Land Link Programs in the Northeast U.S.

RDP53—This publication series includes two documents, including a program assessment and a list of Land Link programs in the U.S., as of February 2014.

Marcellus Shale Multi-State Academic Research Conference

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RDP51 - Marcellus Shale Multi-State Academic Research Conference. Event Collaborators: Cornell University, Penn State University, West Virginia University, Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, and Ben Franklin Technology Central and Northern PA, May 10-11, 2011

Natural Amenities and Rural Development: The Role of Land-Based Policies

PDF document, 311.9 KB

RDP45 - Natural Amenities and Rural Development: The Role of Land-Based Policies. David A. Fleming, David A. McGranahan and Stephan J. Goetz. June 2009.

An Introduction to Natural Gas Development and Workforces

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RDP44 - An Introduction to Natural Gas Development and Workforces. Jeffrey Jacquet, January 2009.

Do Landfills Always Depress Nearby Property Values?

PDF document, 163.8 KB

RDP27 - Richard C. Ready, May 2005. Revised July 18, 2008

The Economic Case for State-Level Land Use Decision Making

PDF document, 212.9 KB

RDP34 - Stephan Goetz, December 2006. Article: http://www.jrap-journal.org/pastvolumes/2000/v37/F37-1-goetz.pdf

A Systems Approach to Community Land Use Education, Planning, and Action

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RDP35 - A Systems Approach to Community Land Use Education, Planning, and Action. Timothy Collins and Stephan Goetz, June 2006.

Conservation Easements as Encumbered Ownership: Issues at Hand

PDF document, 340.8 KB

RDP25 - Nelson Bills, Charles Geisler, Al Sokolow and David Kay, October 2004.

What the Public Values about Farm and Ranch Land

PDF document, 985.5 KB

RDP23 - Workshop Summary prepared by Charles Abdalla, August 2004.

Linkages Between Agricultural and Conservation Policies

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RDP21 - Workshop Proceedings prepared by Lori Lynch and Joshua M. Duke, September 2003.

Proceedings of The 2003 Northeast Regional Workshop on Extension Land Use Programming

PDF document, 3.7 MB

RDP19 - Workshop Proceedings edited by Stephan J. Goetz and Timothy W. Kelsey, September 2003.

GIS Analysis of Land Use on the Rural-Urban Fringe: The Impact of Land Use and Potential Local Disamenities on Residential Property Values and on the Location of Residential Development in Berks County, Pennsylvania

PDF document, 522.6 KB

RDP18 - Final Grant Report, Richard Ready and Charles Abdalla, June 2003.

The Nexus of Agricultural Land Use Policy and Rural Employment Generation in the Northeast United States

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RDP15 - Final Grant Report, Edmund M. Tavernier et al., February 2003.

Conserving Farm and Forest in a Changing Rural Landscape: Current and Potential Contributions of Economics

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RDP11 - Conference Summary Proceedings prepared by Robert J. Johnston, October 2002.

Economic Situation and Prospects for Maryland Agriculture

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RDP14 - Bruce L. Gardner et al., September 2002. This pdf document is located on the website of the Center for Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Land Use Problems and Conflicts in the U.S.

PDF document, 2.3 MB

RDP10 - A Comprehensive Research Agenda For the 21st Century. Stephan J. Goetz et al, May 2002.

Web-Based and Other Resources on Land Use

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RDP9 - Stephan J. Goetz, February 2002. Paper prepared for the Florida Land Use Research Workshop, February 21-22, 2002, Orlando, Florida.

Land Use Research: Scientific Publications from 1986 to the Present

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RDP8 - Anil Rupasingha and Stephan J. Goetz, December 2001.

Protecting Farmland at the Fringe: Do Regulations Work? Strengthening the Research Agenda

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RDP7 - Conference Summary Proceedings prepared by Charles W. Abdalla, December 2001.

Land Use Issues and Research Opportunities in the US

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RDP5 - Stephan J. Goetz, April 2001. Paper prepared for the second annual conference on European and U.S. Partnerships in Food and Agriculture Education and Research, April 4 and 5, 2001, Freising-Weihenstephan, Technical University of Munich, Germany.