A collection of publications on food system topics, authored or co-authored by Center staff and/or partners.

Consumer and Retailer Demand for Local Seafood: Opportunities in the N.H. Marketplace

PDF document, 1.2 MB

Published by the University of New Hampshire, this publication explores consumer and retailer demand for locally-caught seafood in New Hampshire. January 2014.

Wholesale Hub Locations in Food Supply Chain Systems (Transportation Research Record)

By Hamideh Etamadnia (Penn State), Ahmed Hassan (Southern Methodist University), Stephan Goetz (Penn State) and Khaled Abdelghany (Southern Methodist University). Published in the December 2013 edition of Transportation Research Record.

A Social Network Analysis of the May 2009 NE-RCRD Local Foods Conference: Technical Report

PDF document, 1.5 MB

RDP47 - A Social Network Analysis of the May 2009 NE-RCRD Local Foods Conference: Technical Report. Kathryn Brasier and Stephan J. Goetz, July 15, 2010. PDF file.

Introduction to The Small Farm Industry Clusters (SFIC) Project

PDF document, 1.4 MB

RDP29 - Stephan Goetz et al., October 2005.

Agricultural and Food Industry Clusters in the Northeast U.S.: Technical Report

PDF document, 1.5 MB

RDP26 - Stephan J. Goetz, Martin Shields and Qiuyan (Cindy) Wang, November 2004.

Food, Agriculture, and the Emergent Service Economy: Challenges for the Northeast Region

PDF document, 267.1 KB

RDP24 - Nelson Bills, September 2004.

RDP58: The Role of Community Food Services in Reducing U.S. Food Insufficiency in the COVID-19 Pandemic

PDF document, 3.5 MB

This preprint of a forthcoming paper in Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (2021) by Zheng Tian, Claudia Schmidt, and Stephan J. Goetz, describes a study using state-level Census Household Pulse Survey data to examine the role of community food services such as food banks and pantries in reducing food insufficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

Guide to Urban Farming in New York State

PDF document, 2.8 MB

This guide addresses the changing face of the agricultural industry, and provides support to farmers (and their educators) producing food in urban centers and on the urban fringe. It is a collection of topical factsheets including resources and information to answer the common questions of urban farmers. Published by the Cornell Small Farms Program. 2.9 MB PDF

Assessing the Supplier Role of Selected Fresh Produce Value Chains in the United States

PDF document, 1.8 MB

By Houtian Ge, Patrick Canning, Stephan J. Goetz and Agnes Perez. Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the 2015 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association and Western Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, July 26 - 28, 2015. PDF.

Health and Farm Vitality: A supplement published in The Delmarva Farmer

PDF document, 6.8 MB

Developed as a special insert for The Delmarva Farmer, this publication is an outcome of the NERCRD-funded project, "Developing a Coordinated Community Risk Management Approach to Health and Health Insurance among Farm Enterprises." The collection of articles rose out of discussions that took place at the Linking Farm Vitality and Health Forums, held in September 2018 in Delaware and Maryland, as a way to reach farm audiences with information to strengthen their health and well-being. Provided here with permission from Virginia Brown, University of Maryland.