Entrepreneurship Publications

A collection of publications on entrepreneurship topics, authored or co-authored by Center staff and/or partners.
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RDP41 - State Entrepreneurial Climate Estimates: An Update Based on the Kauffman Index. Stephan J. Goetz, September 2008.

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RDP40 - What Entrepreneurs Mean for Your Community, and How Entrepreneurship Can Be Fostered. Jackie Yenerall, July 2008.

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Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, February 2008

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2008. In this article the authors articulate a research agenda composed of five areas of inquiry they consider critical to a better understanding of networks and entrepreneurship

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RDP37 - Regional Listening Sessions on Rural Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Northeast. Stephan J. Goetz and Walter Whitmer, July 2007

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RDP17 - Stephan J. Goetz, April 2003. Paper presented at ERS's Measuring Rural Diversity Conference, November 21-22, 2002, Washington, DC.