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The Intergenerational Friends Fair—A Facilitator’s Guide

PDF document, 1.5 MB

Intergenerational Friends Fairs are fun, family-oriented, daylong events that engage community residents in a wide range of intergenerational activities, while also providing local groups and organizations that conduct intergenerational programs with an additional platform for connecting with the public, establishing new partnerships, and garnering increased support for their programs. This facilitator's guide was written by Matt Kaplan (Penn State) and Lori Pacchioli (State College Friends School). Published April 9, 2021.

Consumer and Retailer Demand for Local Seafood: Opportunities in the N.H. Marketplace

PDF document, 1.2 MB

Published by the University of New Hampshire, this publication explores consumer and retailer demand for locally-caught seafood in New Hampshire. January 2014.

"Rural America at a Glance, 2013" by the USDA Economic Research Service

PDF document, 4.6 MB

This USDA Economic Research Service economic brief provides data on on the U.S. rural economy, including employment, poverty, and population trends. Authored by ERS economist Lorin Kusmin.

Assessing the Supplier Role of Selected Fresh Produce Value Chains in the United States

PDF document, 1.8 MB

By Houtian Ge, Patrick Canning, Stephan J. Goetz and Agnes Perez. Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the 2015 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association and Western Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, July 26 - 28, 2015. PDF.

Policy Options for Keeping Farmers on the Farm

PDF document, 323.3 KB

By Stephan Goetz (National Agricultural and Rural Development Policy Center, Northeast Regional Center, and Penn State) and Meri Davlasheridze (Texas A&M University at Galveston)

Infographic: Land Grant Programs Keep Farmers Farming (PDF)

PDF document, 3.4 MB

Chart showing Cooperative Extension's effects on farmer retention.

Infographic: Land Grant Programs Keep Farmers Farming (1-page PDF)

PDF document, 3.5 MB

A 1-page printer-friendly pdf of an infographic showing Extension's effects on farmer retention

CAPE Prescription Drug Misuse Infographic

PDF document, 2.5 MB

An infographic showing the signs and stigmas associated with prescription drug misuse. 2.6MB

2018 Regional Rural Development Centers brochure

PDF document, 3.2 MB

This publication highlights five priority areas being addressed at various land grant universities through the Cooperative Extension Section (CES) and Experiment Stations. Many of these activities are coordinated by the four Regional Rural Development Centers (RRDCs), who work in their respective regions – sharing resources and capacity in a wide range of rural development topics. 3.4MB PDF

Strengthening Economic Resilience in the Appalachian Region

"Strengthening Economic Resilience in Appalachia" is a study identifying factors common across communities experiencing persistent economic growth in the aftermath of the 2008 Recession and other economic disruptions. The research was conducted by Downstream Strategies, Dialogue + Design and Associates, the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, and West Virginia University, on behalf of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The research includes a statistical analysis of key factors common to economic resilience. A companion Guidebook for Practitioners offers additional insight that can inform economic development strategies across Appalachia. Published in 2019.

Health and Farm Vitality: A supplement published in The Delmarva Farmer

PDF document, 6.8 MB

Developed as a special insert for The Delmarva Farmer, this publication is an outcome of the NERCRD-funded project, "Developing a Coordinated Community Risk Management Approach to Health and Health Insurance among Farm Enterprises." The collection of articles rose out of discussions that took place at the Linking Farm Vitality and Health Forums, held in September 2018 in Delaware and Maryland, as a way to reach farm audiences with information to strengthen their health and well-being. Provided here with permission from Virginia Brown, University of Maryland.

Craft Beverage Trail Collaborations in Pennsylvania: A Resource for Breweries and Destination Marketing Organizations

PDF document, 1.3 MB

By Claudia Schmidt, Sarah Cornelisse, and Harry Crissy (Penn State). Published June 2021 by the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development. 1.2MB PDF.

The Conversation: More Americans couldn’t get enough to eat in 2020 – a change that hit the middle class hardest

This research brief by NERCRD researchers Zheng Tian and Stephan J. Goetz was published in The Conversation on September 23, 2021. This links to the original article.

RRDC 50th anniversary communications toolkit

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