Urban agriculture — including its economics, successes, and challenges — was the topic of a free web-based seminar that took place on Friday, June 27, 2014. Below are some questions and answers from the session.

What land use regulation challenges have the urban farms had to overcome? How have they done this?

Have you encountered any urban farms that are in partnership with rural farms? For instance, a rural farm with an urban outpost?

  • Real Food Farm is located on a city park, which gives it a high degree of land security AND it is run in collaboration with a major job training non-profit that gives it serious institutional support. This has allowed it to invest in farm infrastructure like a walk in fridge and a greenhouse, which it shares with other farms in the city.

What work is being done for soil remediation and use of plants to remove soil toxins to help urban farms?

Are there farm and food business incubators that work along with urban farms?