2010-2011 Highlights Webinar Series

The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development is pleased to share archived presentation files of our Highlights Webinar Series: "Regional Highlights: Community and Economic Development Research and Extension in the Northeast." The series was designed to increase the visibility of research and extension activities throughout the Northeast designed to strengthen rural communities and support community and economic development. Our goal is to help build awareness of these activities and, in turn, catalyze collaboration among those of us working in these areas. The opinions articulated in each webinar do not necessarily reflect the position of the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development or Penn State University, our host institution.

Presentation Powerpoints and Resources for Further Information

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Supplement to May 2011 webinar

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April 2011 Webinar supplement

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PowerPoint supplement to the 2010-2011 NERCRD Highlights Webinar Series

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see also: (1) University of Maryland Small Farm Institute: (2) (3) University of Maryland Eastern Shore Small Farm Outreach and Technical Assistance Program:

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October 2010. Dr. Charlie French, University of New Hampshire. See also: (1) Walzer, Norman (Ed.). (1996). Community strategic visioning programs. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger. (2) Community Profiles Website: (3) Community Capacity Assessment:

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A PowerPoint presentation that outlines the initiatives of the Northeast Center, circa 2010.