Presentations from the 2012 AAEA Meeting (Seattle, WA)

Post-Conference Workshop: Models for Assessing Regional Economic Impacts of Agriculture and Rural Development Efforts

Organized by Dr. Mary Ahearn of USDA/ERS and sponsored by the Community Economics Network Section (CENET)

The objective of this workshop is to educate participants about appropriate models for measuring local and regional impacts of value to local, State, and national policy makers. This will be accomplished by sharing consistent methodological information about the modeling approaches in the following dimensions: necessary assumptions, appropriate applications, major model outputs, and data requirements. Presenters may draw on specific applications to highlight their methodological points, but will not focus on the study results of any specific study. The presenters were chosen because of their expertise in a variety of approaches to regional modeling and include a discussant from USDA's Rural Development agency who has experience in using regional modeling to inform policy decisions. These presentations will help to draw out the special features of impact modeling that is most relevant to good policy design.

Panel Presenters:

  • Jason Brown, USDA-Economic Research Service
    "Measuring Ex Post Economic Effects: Lessons from Emerging Energy Industries"

  • Davin Swenson, Iowa State University
    "Local Foods, Buying Locally, and Other Rural Development Initiatives: Community Education, Analysis, and Evaluation Approaches"
  • Tom Johnson, University of Missouri
    "Models for Assessing Regional Economic Impacts of Agriculture and Rural Development Efforts:Introduction"
  • David Hughes, Clemson University
    "Opportunity Cost Approach, Local Foods, and Other "Stray" Thoughts"


  • Paul Johnson, USDA-Rural Development
  • Stephan Goetz, Penn State University and Director, Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development