Economic Development Presentations

A collection of PowerPoint files from presentations on economic development given by Center staff and/or partners.

A presentation delivered at the 2014 Penn State Extension Conference by Stephan Goetz

By Mark D. Partridge (Ohio State University), Stephan J. Goetz (Penn State), and Maureen R. Kilkenny (National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy). Published in the September 2013 edition of Choices magazine.

Presented by Dr. Stephan Goetz, Director, The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development and Penn State Professor of Agricultural and Regional Economics. Prepared for the Northeast 4-H Program Leaders' Summer Meeting, July 30, 2013.

Presentations from the AFRI Small and Medium Sized Farms & Rural Development FY 2013 Project Director (PD) Meeting. Welcome and meeting overview by Robbin Shoemaker, National Program Leader, Economics, for NIFA

Presentations from The AFRI-Small and Medium Sized Farms & Rural Development FY 2012 Projector Director (PD) Meeting. Welcome and Meeting Overview by S. Sureshwaran the National Program Leader for NIFA

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Opportunities for Land Grant Universities. Presentation by Stephan Goetz, February 2009.

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Presented by Dr. Stephan Goetz, The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Kansas City, MO on September 19, 2012.

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PowerPoint supplement to the 2010-2011 NERCRD Highlights Webinar Series

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Supplement to May 2011 webinar

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Opportunities for Land Grant Universities. Presentation by Stephan Goetz, February 2009.

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RDP38 - Targeting Regional Economic Development: An Outline of a National Extension Educational Program. Stephan Goetz, Steven Deller and Tom Harris, July 2007

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"Entrepreneurship Education and Outcomes in Estonian Higher Education Institutions," presented by NERCRD visiting scholar Anne Poder at the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference in New Orleans, January 6, 2020.

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Stephan Goetz delivered this presidential address at the 2019 North American Regional Science Council (NARSC) annual meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, on November 15, 2019.

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Dr. Heather Stephens, Assistant Professor of Resource Economics and Management at West Virginia University, gave an invited presentation at the Northeast Center on October 23, 2019. The presentation, titled "Incentivizing the Missing Middle: The Role of Economic Development Policy" described the findings of a paper written by Stephens and her co-author, Carlianne Patrick of Georgia State University.

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Presented by Stephan J. Goetz at the 2018 NERA/NEED Joint Summer Meeting, Bethany Beach, DE, June 5, 2018.

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As agricultural producers look to diversify their operations, food tourism is gaining momentum. An investigation into food tourism best practices in Utah was presented by Kynda Curtis of Utah State University and Susan Slocum of George Mason University.

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On-farm shops/stores, where producers can sell their products, are popular direct marketing avenues in the UK and in some Eastern US states, but there are very few in the West. Kynda Curtis of Utah State University presented on a study aimed at developing best practices and economically feasible models for incorporating farm stores into direct-marketing operations in the Intermountain West. PDF file.

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The Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program accelerates the commercialization of technology in Maryland by jointly funding collaborative R&D projects between Maryland companies and University System of Maryland faculty. This presentation includes highlights of how the program works, funding and application information, and specific examples of successful projects. PDF file.

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A presentation delivered by Stephan Goetz at the Northeast Regional Rural Development Community and Economic Development Meeting, Boston, MA, August 25-28, 2014.