A collection of PowerPoint files from presentations on community development topics, given by Center staff and/or partners.

2013 AFRI Small and Medium Sized Farms and Rural Development meeting

Presentations from the AFRI Small and Medium Sized Farms & Rural Development FY 2013 Project Director (PD) Meeting. Welcome and meeting overview by Robbin Shoemaker, National Program Leader, Economics, for NIFA

POWERPOINT: Community Profiles and Community Capacity Assessments

PDF document, 1.0 MB

October 2010. Dr. Charlie French, University of New Hampshire. See also: (1) Walzer, Norman (Ed.). (1996). Community strategic visioning programs. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger. (2) Community Profiles Website: http://extension.unh.edu/CommDev/CACPAP.htm (3) Community Capacity Assessment: http://cecf1.unh.edu/ccas/index.cfm

Presentations from 2012 AFRI Meeting

Presentations from The AFRI-Small and Medium Sized Farms & Rural Development FY 2012 Projector Director (PD) Meeting. Welcome and Meeting Overview by S. Sureshwaran the National Program Leader for NIFA

POWERPOINT: eLearning: Tips, Techniques and Lessons Learned from the Field
Socio-Economic and Demographic Change in Pennsylvania: Implications for Extension

PowerPoint 2007 presentation, 12.4 MB

A presentation delivered at the 2014 Penn State Extension Conference by Stephan Goetz

Rural Development Trends and Issues in the Northeast US

PDF document, 11.9 MB

A presentation delivered by Stephan Goetz at the Northeast Regional Rural Development Community and Economic Development Meeting, Boston, MA, August 25-28, 2014.


PDF document, 602.5 KB

Food Tourism (Slocum and Curtis)

PDF document, 1.2 MB

As agricultural producers look to diversify their operations, food tourism is gaining momentum. An investigation into food tourism best practices in Utah was presented by Kynda Curtis of Utah State University and Susan Slocum of George Mason University.

Trends, Issues and Opportunities for Northeast Land Grant Universities at the Rural-Urban Fringe

PDF document, 4.2 MB

Presented by Stephan J. Goetz at the 2018 NERA/NEED Joint Summer Meeting, Bethany Beach, DE, June 5, 2018.

NACDEP 2018: Tourism and Extension - Creating best practices to better help rural communities develop business opportunities

PDF document, 5.1 MB

The presentation file of the 2018 NACDEP session presented by Douglas Arbogast, Daniel Eades, and Heather Manzo.