Posted: November 23, 2020

The Mississippi State University Extension Service recently launched a webinar series about farm stress, mental health and social structural issues affecting farmers and ranchers. The series is open to a national audience and will benefit agricultural producers, industry professionals, Extension agents, U.S. Department of Agriculture employees and other individuals who work in or support those in the agricultural industry.

Webinars are free, but participants must sign up for each webinar separately to receive access information. Subsequent webinar dates and links for sign-up are as follows:

  • Farm Stress, Mental Health, and Suicide - Dr. Brittney Schrick (University of Arkansas) and PROMISE team, Dec. 15:
  • Effects of Farm Stress on Youth and Families - Dr. Susan Guin (University of Alabama), Jan 19:
  • Social Structural Factors Affecting SDFRs - Dr. John Green (University of Mississippi) and Erin King (Mississippi State University), 
    Feb. 16:
  • Personal Story of Land Loss and Discrimination - June and Angie Provost (Louisiana), March 16:
  • Black Owned Land Loss, Land Trust, and USDA 2501 Grants - Dr. Freddie Davis III (The Federation of Southern Cooperatives, LAF), April 20:

More information is available at: