NERCRD invests in four new multi-state collaborations through its 2019-2020 small grants program
February 13, 2020
Four projects have been selected to receive funding through the Center's 2019-2020 small grants program, based on input from an independent review panel. The four project teams comprise 35 individuals from nine states, who will address community and economic development issues including the recreation economy, entrepreneurship education, Main Street revitalization, and attracting new residents. Congratulations to the funded teams!
New tourism webinar series launches with a look at national Extension and Sea Grant programming
January 22, 2020
Doug Arbogast, a tourism extension specialist with West Virginia University, will present the first webinar in a new series organized by the National Extension Tourism Design Team on February 20, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Arbogast will highlight results from a survey conducted nationally to identify the types of Sea Grant and Extension tourism programs offered across the U.S. and programmatic gaps and challenges. Registration is required.
Craft-beer boom linked to record-number of US states growing hops
January 6, 2020
Craft breweries aren't just a fun place to meet up with friends. They may be fueling an unprecedented geographic expansion of hop production across the U.S., according to researchers at Penn State and The University of Toledo. Their findings suggest that as more craft breweries emerge around the country, so may new opportunities for farmers.
Innovation is widespread in rural areas, not just cities
January 6, 2020
Conventional measures of innovation suggest that only big cities foster new ideas, but a more comprehensive measure developed at the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development shows that innovation is widespread even in rural places not typically thought of as innovative. This "hidden" innovation brings economic benefits to businesses and communities, according to researchers, whose findings will help decision makers think in new ways about innovation and how they can support it.