NERCRD well-represented at NACDEP/ANREP 2016 conference

Posted: June 28, 2016

The Northeast Center was well-represented at the annual conference of the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals, which was held jointly this year with the Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals. The two teams that received funding through the Center's multi-state Extension program each held pre-conference workshops. In addition, the Center presented two posters during the poster session. Copies of the posters are archived on our website.

A thumbnail view of the poster presented at NACDEP 2016 on the Center's small grants program.

The poster that featured the work of the two teams who received funding through our small grants program identified the programs that were shared across multiple states, the team members involved, and some selected milestones. (A larger version of the Small Grants Teams posters is available here.)

A thumbnail view of the poster on the Center's indicators work that was presented at NACDEP 2016.

The poster that featured the work of the Impact Indicators Learning Circle demonstrated the importance of measuring impacts and served as an advertisement for the newly released "Impact Indicators Tips Booklet," a 40-page document written by George Morse, Charles French, and Scott Chazdon that explores practical and credible methods documenting Extension Community Development Impacts. (A larger version of the Impacts posters is available here.)