New publication examines region's land link programs

Posted: June 19, 2014

As a graduate student in Penn State’s Rural Sociology program, Leslie Pillen studied the activities and outcomes of the Northeast region’s land link programs, and a selection of her research results have just been published in the Northeast Center's Rural Development Working Paper series.

Land link programs connect farmland owners — farmers, non-farming land owners, or public/institutional land owners — with farmers and aspiring farmers in search of suitable farmland. These programs may also provide support services, such as education, technical assistance, and mediation.

Pillen conducted interviews with the program staff at 17 of the region’s 19 land link programs, and also adminstered a survey to 104 farmland owners and 271 farmland seekers who engaged the services of ten of the region’s programs. Selected results from Pillen’s research have recently been published in the Northeast Center’s Rural Development Working Paper series and are available here.