Posted: October 2, 2013

The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development's What Works Conference Series will be hosting a joint regional conference with the National Value Added Agriculture Conference on "Enhancing Food Security and Rural Viability through Innovative Food System Practices and Opportunities" May 13-15, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland

We seek high quality research, teaching and outreach presentations that will stimulate, inspire, motivate and advance knowledge of and practices related to food security and rural viability, through the development of food systems. Goals include, among others:

  • To identify opportunities for and barriers facing rural America with respect to local/regional food system development and food security.
  • To showcase science-based, successful strategies or programs adopted by producers, educators and service providers.

  • To explore robust measures of the resilience of established local/regional food systems.
  • To discuss the effects of existing local, state and federal initiatives on local/regional food systems and rural America with respect to social, economic and ecological variations.
  • To develop collaborative approaches for long-term regional food systems research, education and outreach.

Call for Abstracts:

  • Research Papers, Work-in-Progress and Proposal Ideas
  • Extension Programs (Education and Training)
  • Educational Curriculum and Teaching Pedagogy
  • Policy Design and Proposals
  • Case Studies and Student Projects

Submission Deadline December 15, 2013

All abstracts can be submitted to Kathleen Liang.

Who Should Attend:

Researchers, Extension Educators, teachers, students, Small Business Development and Farm Bureau service providers, producers, producer/consumer associations, non-profit organizations, local, state and federal policy makers, food industry professionals from Universities, tribal and community colleges and K-12 schools.

*Registration and Hotel Information will be made available in the near future.

What Works III and National Value Added Conference Planning Committee Members:

Becky Smith, Mississippi State University  

Palma Marco, Texas A&M University

Raymond Hansen, Iowa State University   

Richard Knipe, University of Illinois

Ron Rainey, University of Arkansas           

Stan Ernst, Ohio State University

Sabrina Matteson, American Farm Bureau  

Sarah Cornelisse, Penn State University

Charlie French, University of New Hampshire

Heather Karsten, Penn State University

Jurgen Schwarz, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Rob Fiegener, Oregon State University

Sally Duncan, Oregon State University

Stephan Tubene, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Sue Lurie, Oregon State University

Tom Lyons, City University of New York



Stephan Goetz, Penn State University

Kathleen Liang, University of Maryland

Cheryl Brown, West Virginia University