New Impact Assessment from Northeast Multistate Project on Rural Change and Quality of Life

Posted: December 12, 2013

Over the past five years, NE-1029 researchers have learned how various amenities shape rural development and how social and economic changes affect the quality of rural life. In particular, NE-1029 researchers have analyzed ongoing and potential changes in rural labor markets and the impacts of migration, commuting, and workforce development programs.

Researchers have also studied the potential for entrepreneurship, industrial clustering, and nontraditional agricultural businesses in many rural areas. Many researchers have focused on strategies to increase worker productivity and wages and on strengthening important links between urban and rural communities. Applying the findings from these studies, NE-1029 researchers have presented revenue forecasts, ecotourism assessments, and economic impact projections for proposed policies, businesses, and other programs and have guided state and local government reforms.

Read more about the impacts of these research efforts by downloading the 2-page report (PDF).