Rural People & Communities in the 21st Century, Resilience & Transformation

Posted: November 6, 2012

Publication. Rural people and communities continue to play important social, economic and environmental roles at a time in which societies are rapidly urbanizing, and the identities of local places are increasingly subsumed by flows of people, information and economic activity across global spaces.

by David L. Brown & Kai A. Schafft, 2011, Polity Press, Cambridge, UK and Malden, MA.

However, while the organization of rural life has been fundamentally transformed by institutional and social changes that have occurred since the mid-twentieth century, rural people and communities have proved resilient in the face of these transformations. This book examines the causes and consequences of major social and economic changes affecting rural communities and populations during the first decades of the twenty-first century, and explores policies developed to ameliorate problems or enhance opportunities.