Land Use in the Northeast U.S.

Ten Things Members of Every Rural Community Need to Know About Land Use... Edited by Stephan J. Goetz and Timothy W. Kelsey, June 2003

(by Stan Lembach, PSU) But, the fewer the resources available for planning, and the greater the staffing problems

This is especially a concern in the Northeast, and attributable to a desire on the part of developers to raise profits (The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development).

(The Brookings Institution). We also know little about the long-term effectiveness of farmland preservation programs (L. Lynch, UMD)

... others claim costs of residential development are always negative because new school expenses offset any potential tax benefits. Neither assertion (stereotype) is in fact accurate (T. Kelsey, PSU)

These rights are a creation of the legal process used to resolve land use disputes, and hence subject to change. In this context, experts are following the recent US Supreme Court Decision related to the Lake Tahoe area with intense interest (D. Bromley, U. of Wisconsin).