The Center’s efforts to evaluate the community, regional, and economic development (CRED) programs in the region include the formation of a Learning Circle for the Northeast CRED Impact Indicators. In 2015-2016, under the leadership of Special Projects Advisor George Morse, the group explored the practical ways in which they can collect credible data to evaluate the impact of regional CRED programs, and have shared what they learned here.

A thumbnail version of the Impact Indicators Tips Booklet cover(Looking for information on NERCRD's impacts? Check out our NERCRD Impact series here.)

The Impact Indicators Tips Booklet

One major output of the Learning Circle's efforts was the development of "The Impact Indicators Tips Booklet," a 38-page document written by George Morse, Charles French, and Scott Chazdon that explores practical and credible methods for using the "but for" rule to document Extension Community Development Impacts. (A four-page introduction to the booklet is available here.)

Other Resources

Examples of Impact Statements:

Estimation Methods for Impact Indicators shown in the booklet

Examples of surveys designed to capture impact data:

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