Northeast Map
Figure 1: Porter's ID of Clusters
Land Use - 1
Land Use 2-1
Land Use 2-2
Land Use 2-3
Land Use 2-4
Land Use 2-5
Number of Government Units
land Use 5
Land Use 6-2
Land Use 6-3
Religious Affiliations
Demographic Profile for Ky (2000)
Census Geography
Am FactFinder map
Household size of Hispanic or Latino homes
Collaborative Grants
NERCRD network
NERCRD network

2012 NERCRD network of food system development research, practice, and policy projects.


U.S. map showing occurrence of poor mental health days by county. Links to PowerPoint file.


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A chart illustrating Cooperative Extension's effects on farmer retention, 1984-2010




A thumbnail view of the poster on the Center's indicators work that was presented at NACDEP 2016.


A printable poster on the Center's indicators work that was presented at NACDEP 2016.


A thumbnail view of the poster presented at NACDEP 2016 on the Center's small grants program.


A printable copy of the poster presented at NACDEP 2016 on the Center's small grants program.


A map showing the states involved in the First Impressions team funded by NERCRD. States include WV, CT, VT, MI, NH.

Futures Map

Map showing states involved in Futures Team funded by NERCRD. States include VT, CT, WV, MN, NH, PA.

2016 Annual Report cover

The cover of the Northeast Center 2016 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report abridged cover

The first page of the 2016 two-page annual overview.

cape logo

The visual identifier for the CAPE project

Rural Innovation ERS report cover

Cover of ERS report on rural innovation

Rural Manufacturing ERS report cover

Cover from ERS report on rural manufacturing


Thumbnail of poster produced by UNH Planning Student Organization based on their First Impression assessment of Somersworth, NH.


UNH Extension's Casey Hancock (right) with UNH student members of the Planning Student Organization, in front of their poster on their First Impressions Assessment of Somersworth, NH.


Two members of the UNH Planning Student Organization presenting to the Somersworth, NH city council. The students engaged in a First Impressions assessment of the city in partnership with UNH Extension.

UNH First Impressions Somersworth report cover

Cover of the report produced by UNH based on their First Impressions assessment of Somersworth, NH.

2017 Annual Report cover

Cover of 2017 Annual Report showing various community and economic development-themed images.


Pie chart showing distribution of uses of farm land in Northeast U.S.

2019 NET Conference Save the Date card

Bridge to Astoria Oregon with list of sponsors and speakers for 2019 Sustainable Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Conference.

NERCRD Impact 2019-1 thumbnail

A screenshot of the printer-friendly version of NERCRD Impact No. 2019-1: NERCRD Research Cited in 2019 Economic Report of the President.

US Travel Made in America Report

Cover of report showing several travel-related scenes indicating economic activity.

Hops and breweries 2007-2017

Side by side maps showing spread of hop farms and breweries from 2007 to 2017.


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