A collection of articles and research papers on local and regional food systems, particularly as they apply to the Northeast region.

Place-Based Foods of Appalachia From Rarity to Community Restoration and Market Recovery

PDF document, 2.1 MB

edited by James R. Veteto, Gary Paul Nabhan, Regina Fitzsimmons, Kanin Routson and DeJa Walker, 2011. 2.2 MB PDF file.

The Economics of Food Insecurity in the United States

Craig Gundersen, Brent Kreider, and John Pepper, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2011) volume 33, number 3, pp. 281–303

Cutting 'food miles' doesn't necessarily make 'cents'

Gomez and Nicholson, Cornell Chronicle Online, April 28, 2011

The Economic Impact of New Jersey's Food System: A 2010 Update

(Bulletin E332), Brian J. Schilling, Extension Specialist, Agricultural Policy and Kevin P. Sullivan, Institutional Research Analyst, February 7, 2011

The rising disparity in the price of healthful foods: 2004-2008

Pablo Monsivais, Julia Mclaina and Adam Drewnowskia, ScienceDirect , December 2010

Local and Regional Food Systems for Rural Futures


Rural Policy Research Institute / Rural Futures Lab Foundation Paper No. 1, November 2010, Jennifer Jensen. PDF file.

A Social Network Analysis of the May 2009 NE-RCRD Local Foods Conference: Technical Report

Kathryn Brasier and Stephan J. Goetz, July 15, 2010

15 Case Studies on Local Food Supply Chains

PDF document, 76.2 KB

Kristen Park, Food Industry Management Program, Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, SMART Marketing, July 2010. Additional SMART Marketing articles are available at: http://marketingpwt.aem.cornell.edu/publications.html#smart

Regional Food Hubs: Linking producers to new markets

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report from Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food (KYF2) Regional Food Hub Subcommittee, May 24, 2010. PDF file.

Selected Measures of the Economic Values of Increased Fruit and Vegetable Production and Consumption in the Upper Midwest

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by Dave Swenson, Department of Economics, Iowa State University. 1.1 MB PDF file.

Small Farm Clusters Program

A three-year project, which ran from 2005-2008, that examined how small-farm industry clusters could improve the vitality of small US farms and rural communities.

Strengthening Community Engagement Toward Sustainable Local Food Systems

Perspectives of Extension educators relative to local food system (LFS) issues are examined. These educators perceived consumer food safety, viable ag-related businesses, land use planning, farm land preservation, loss of family-owned farms, and access to quality foods as important issues. 2006. Journal of Extension, 44(4):