The first annual Land Grant Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (Land Grant YES) was hosted by the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development June 2008. Land Grant YES brought educators and program leaders from eastern U.S. states together for a face-to-face symposium focused on youth entrepreneurship best practices, research findings, and future program development.

The goals of this symposium were threefold:

  1. to develop and expand social capital among the educators in this area through the formation of a more formal workgroup structure;
  2. to frame a "breakthrough" project in the area of youth entrepreneurship, that can be collaboratively developed by members of this group,
  3. to add value to the youth component of the eXtension Communities of Practice (COP) project on Entrepreneurs and their Communities.

We hope to identify high quality youth entrepreneurship curricula/educational resources that can be systematically organized and incorporated into the eXtension Entrepreneurs and Their Communities web site.

Conference Proceedings

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