Unleashing the Power of Ten

Kelly Nix and Denis Scott, West Virginia University [If you are interested in a copy of the presentation, please contact Kelly Nix at: [Kelly.Nix@mail.wvu.edu]

Assistance Paths for Rural Entrepreneurs

Winifred McGee, Jeff Hyde, Lynn Kime and Dana Ollendyke, Penn State University, If you need assistance, please contact Dana Ollendyke (djm428@psu.edu) or call: 814-863-5567.

What Mentors Need to Know about Youth Entrepreneurship

Debra Kantor, University of Maine,

Logistics of Youth Markets

Ann Sherrard, University of Maryland,

Small Cities Coalition

Gloria Casas, Workforce Solutions Cameron, TX,

Creating the Future: Nurturing The Next Generation of Entrepreneurship and Employment Growth

PDF document, 378.6 KB

Opening Keynote from the 2011 What Works conference, by Ross Gittell. Lessons From the University of New Hampshire’s Green Launching Pad

The Northeast Regional Center, The Case for Supporting Entrepreneruship

PDF document, 1.7 MB

by Stephan Goetz

If We Offer It, Will They Come? Determinants of County-Level Demand for Community-Based Entrepreneurship Programming

PDF document, 997.5 KB

Ajka Suljevic and Scott Loveridge, Michigan State University

Successful Entrepreneurship Programs for Youth of All Ages

PDF document, 2.0 MB

Diane Vigna, University of Nebraska

Helping Students to Learn and Think Outside the Box with Entrepreneurship Education

PDF document, 830.2 KB

Ann Sherrard, University of Maryland and Kathleen Liang, University of Vermont

How Cooperatives Work

PDF document, 3.3 MB

Peggy Fogarty-Harnish, Penn State University

Cooperative Development

PDF document, 73.3 KB

Bob Noble, Keystone Development Center

Enhancing Land-Grant Universities' Role in Creating Economic Opportunity through Community Based Entrepreneurship

PDF document, 820.2 KB

Louis Bassano and Jim McConnon, University of Maine

2nd Homeowner Study

PDF document, 3.5 MB

Bill McMaster, University of Vermont

Homeowner Study: Bartom Area Survey Results

PDF document, 150.0 KB

Creating a Sustainable Entrepreneurship Development Program

PDF document, 1.4 MB

Brent Hales, University of Southern Mississippi

Social Media Tips, Tools and Strategies to Reach Entrepreneurs

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A roundtable discussion led by Mary Peabody, University of Vermont Extension


PDF document, 1.8 MB

Lisa Chase, University of Vermont and Ben Amsden, Plymouth State University

Getting Grants: Working Regionally

PDF document, 169.0 KB

Mary Peabody, University of Vermont

A Web Portal for Rural Business Success

PDF document, 4.4 MB

Ginger Myers, University of Maryland

The Entrepreneurial League System

PDF document, 668.0 KB

Day two Keynote by Thomas Lyons, Baruch College

Using IMPLAN to Identify Entrepreneurial Opportunities through Gap Analysis

PDF document, 1.2 MB

Daniel Eades, West Virginia University

Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition

PDF document, 11.8 MB

Mark Gagnon, Penn State University

Lessons from Network Science for Connecting Entrepreneurs

PDF document, 4.1 MB

Stephan Goetz, The Northeast Regional Center

Economic Contribution of Maine's Food Industry Entrepreneurs

PDF document, 123.3 KB

Todd Gabe, Jim McConnon and Rick Kersbergen, University of Maine

Needs of Microentrepreneurs and Preparing Future Entrepreneurs

PDF document, 1020.9 KB

Kathleen Liang, University of Vermont

Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities

PDF document, 162.5 KB

Thomas Lyons, Baruch College