Conferences and Training Resources

Resources from past events – conferences, webinars, and meetings dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship.

What Works! brought together practitioners, researchers, educators, and decision-makers to address critical issues in promoting entrepreneurship in the U.S.

PowerPoints from various webinars that focused on entrepreneurship

The first annual Land Grant Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (Land Grant YES) was hosted by the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development June 2008. Land Grant YES brought educators and program leaders from eastern U.S. states together for a face-to-face symposium focused on youth entrepreneurship best practices, research findings, and future program development.

The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development sponsored four (one-day) workshops as part of an effort to create a national rural entrepreneruship coalition. The listening sessions served to help launch the National Coalition for Rural Entrepreneurship, which builds on the momentum created by Kellogg's RFP on Entrepreneurship Development Systems for Rural America.

All of the Northeast Center's presentations on entrepreneurship, compiled in one place.