Presentations from the AFRI Small and Medium Sized Farms & Rural Development FY 2013 Project Director (PD) Meeting. Welcome and meeting overview by Robbin Shoemaker, National Program Leader, Economics, for NIFA

2013 AFRI-AERC Opening Presentation

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Robbin Shoemaker, National Program Leader, Economics

Factors Influencing Marketing Margins in Cattle and Beef Markets

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Ardian Harris, John Michael Riley, Joshua Maples - Mississippi State University

Promoting Entrepreneurship in Distressed Rural Communities: Integrating Psychological and Sociological Perspectives

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Alison F. Davis, University of Kentucky

Enhancing Access to Preserved Farmland for Small and Medium-Sized Farmers

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Brian Schilling, Rutgers University

Community-Based Organization, Social Networks, and Conservation in the Rural West

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Cassandra Moseley, University of Oregon

Local, Traditional, and Non-Traditional Financial Institutions in Rural America: 1976-2007

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Charles Tolbert, Carson Mencken, Lynn Riggs, Jing Li - Baylor University

Multifunctional Farms in the U.S.- Situation and Implications for Rural Development

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Chyi-lyi (Kathleen) Liang, University of Vermont

Farm to Institution: Guiding Market and Pricing Decisions for Small- and Medium-Scale Farms

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College Matts & Michael Hamm, Michigan State University and David Conner, University of Vermont

Immigrant Integration & Sustainable Rural Development: Linking Receiving and Newcomer Communities

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C. Valdivia, L.Y. Flores, S. Jeanetta, A. Morales & D. Martinez - University of Missouri

Increasing Prosperity for Small Farms:Sustainable Livestock Production, Processing, and Marketing

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Darin Saul, University of Idaho

Determining the Relationship Between Development Pattern and the Costs of Public Services in the Mountain West

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Donald M. McLeod & Scott N. Lieske, University of Wyoming

Assessing production systems, economics, marketing, producer and processor perceptions and characteristics of meat from forage-based systems

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Francis Fluharty, Steve Loerch, Jeff McCutcheon, & Henry Zerby-The Ohio State University; Lois Morton-Iowa State University; Leah Miller-Small Farm Institute

Multi-Farm Business Strategies and Policy Considerations for the Middle of the U.S. Agri-Food System

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George W. Stevenson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Enhancing the Capacity of Small and Medium-Sized Ranch and Forestry Operations to Propsper from Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES)

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Dr. Hannah Gosnell, Oregon State University

Enhancing Rural Communities and Entrepreneurship Through Research and Outreach Addressing Legal and Regulatory Issues in Direct Marketing

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Harrison Pittman, The National Agricultural Law Center

Entrepreneurial Network Development Linked to a Regional Food System: Building Innovation Capacity in Limited Resource Rural Households

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Dr. Pamela J. Jackson, Fayetteville State University; Dr. Kathi K. Beratan, NC State University; Dr. Thomas Williams, Fayetteville State University

Small and Medium Size Farmers' Ability and Willingness to Supply Carbon Offsets through Carbon Markets and Conservation Crop Production

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Jason Bergtold, Jeff Williams, Jeff Peterson, Elizabeth Canales, Melissa Lynes - Kansas State University

Using Local Food Banks to Promote Sustainability of Small and Limited Resource Farms

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Dr. Kenneth L. Robinson, Clemson University

Explaining Linkages Among Farmers and Consumers in Local and Regional Food Systems to Enhance Rural Development

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Mary Hendrickson & Tom Johnson-University of Missouri; Randy Cantrell & Kim Petersen-University of Nebraska; Jessica Scott & Jill Lucht-University of Missouri

Economic Viability and Agro-ecology of Integrating Beef Cattle and Short Term Perennial Grasses into Peanut and Cotton Rotations

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Nicolas DiLorenzo - University of Florida

Improving Economic Returns & Long-Run Sustainability in a Rapidly Growing, Peri-Urban, Multicultural, Traditional Farming Community

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Rhonda Skaggs, Professor - New Mexico State University