Presentations from 2012 AFRI Meeting

Presentations from The AFRI-Small and Medium Sized Farms & Rural Development FY 2012 Projector Director (PD) Meeting. Welcome and Meeting Overview by S. Sureshwaran the National Program Leader for NIFA

Panel 1: Rural Development - Labor Issues

Panel 3: Agriculture and the Environment (Ecosystem Services)

Supporting Agro-ecological and Economic Diversity of Small-Scale Forest Ownerships, Eric Jones, Institute for Culture and Ecology

Enhancing the Capacity of Small and Medium-Sized Ranch and Forestry Operations to Prosper From Payment for Ecosystem Services,
Hannah Gosnell, Oregon State University

Enhancing Access to Preserved Farmland for Small and Medium Sized Farmers,
Lucas Marxen, Rutgers University

Panel 4: Rural Communities-Public Services

Economic Research Service National Conference on Rural Wealth Creation,
John Pender, USDA

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Donald M. McLeod and Scott N. Lieske, University of Wyoming

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Linda S. Niehm, Iowa State University; Barbara J. Frazier, Western Michigan University and Leslie Stoel, Ohio State University

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Theodore Alter, Penn State University

Panel 5: Small Farm Production and Marketing-Livestock

Genetic Identification of Poor Sexually Performing Rams to Enhance Profitability of Small and Medium Sized Flocks, Brenda M. Alexander, University of Wyoming

Improving Small Ranch Profitability by Evaluation of Alternatives in Beef Cattle Enterprises, Patricia Johnson, South Dakota State University

Extension and Educational Programs and Materials for Small- and Medium-Sized Pork Operations, Donald Levis, Levis Worldwide Consultancy

Panel 6: Small Farm Production and Marketing-Food Distribution

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Kenneth L. Robinson, Clemson University

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Shermain Hardesty and Gail Feenstra, University of California, Davis

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Colleen Matts, Michigan State University and David Conner, University of Vermont

Panel 7: Rural Development-Entrepreneurship

Transitions to Prosperity and Sustainability: Enhancing Small and Medium-Sized Farms in the Rural-Exurban-Urban Transitional Zone, Jill L. Findeis, the Pennsylvania State University

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Scott Loveridge, Michigan State University