Table of Contents

For: BR&E Visitation Program Manuals

Is it for Our Community?

 - Is a BR&E Visitation Program for You and Your Community?  Pg 6
 - Why are Existing Businesses Important to Development?  Pg 6
 - What is the BR&E Visitation Program?  Pg 7
 - What are the BR&E Visitation Program Objectives and Process? Pg 7
 - Local Roles in the BR&E Visitation Program  Pg 9
   (Overall Coordinator, Leadership Team, Task Force, Volunteer Visitors, and
 Visited Firm Operators)
 - Reasons Volunteers Participate  Pg 11
 - How the BR&E Visitation Program Benefits Volunteers and Communities Pg 11
 - What are the Costs of a BR&E Visitation Program? Pg 13
 - What Assistance is Provided by Universities, State Agencies, and Others? Pg 15
 - How Can I Learn More About This Program Before I Decide? Pg 15

Appendix A: Glossary of Terms in BR&E Visitation Programs Pg 16
Research Cited and End Notes Pg 17

Initiator's Manual For Starting New BR&E Visitation Programs

 - Introduction  Pg 4
 - Assistance from a Certified BR&E Consultant  Pg 4
 - Leadership Team Orientation  Pg 6
   (Meetings 1-4b)
 - Hints on Introducing BR&E Visitation Programs  Pg 9
 - Is Our Community Ready to Do the BR&E Visitation Program?  Pg 10

Appendix A: Discussion Questions  Pg 11
Appendix B: Task Force Meeting Minutes  Pg 15
Appendix C: Plan of Work  Pg 16
Research Cited and End Notes  Pg 20

Local Leadership Team Manual

 - Introduction  Pg 5
 - Visitation Coordinator  Pg 7
 - Business Resources Coordinator  Pg 8
 - Milestone Meeting Coordinator  Pg 10
 - Media Coordinator  Pg 15
 - Overall Coordinator  Pg 16
 - Tips on Getting Projects Implemented  Pg 16

Visitation Coordinator Manual

 - Introduction  Pg 4
 - Details on the Visitation Coordinator’s Roles  Pg 4
 - Volunteer Visitor Training Program Agenda  Pg 8
 - Keep Volunteers Motivated  Pg 9

Appendix A: Questions for BR&E Visitation Research Report Writers  Pg 11
Appendix B: Sample Letter for Recruiting Volunteers  Pg 12
Appendix C: Sample Letter to Firm  Pg 13
Research Cited and End Notes  Pg 14

Using the Video to Introduce the Program and Train Volunteers

 - Introduction  Pg 4
 - Overview of Three Video Segments  Pg 4
 - When to Use Each Segment  Pg 4
 - Tips for Using Segment 1: Sibley County Example  Pg 5
 - Tips for Using Segment 2: Successful BR&E Firm Visits  Pg 7
 - Tips for Using Segment 3: Handling Immediate Follow-up Issues during the BR&E Visitation Program  Pg 7

Appendix A: Self-Assessment Guide  Pg 8
Appendix B: Guidelines for Volunteer Visitors  Pg 9
Appendix C: Notes to Accompany Volunteer Visitor Role Play  Pg 11
Research Cited and End Notes  Pg 14