Implementing Local Business Retention and Expansion Visitation Programs

"It [BR&E] created an awareness for business people in Pope County that was simply unknown before this was attempted."
-- Jim Johnson, Starbuck Chamber of Commerce

A new set of materials on Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) Visitation programs is available for purchase from the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development. BR&E Visitation programs catalyze on local economic development efforts by creating a team of local leaders to help the community improve its business climate. Previous manuals about BR&E Visitation programs have focused on instructions for professional economic developers.

"It gave us an opportunity and, more importantly, gave us a reason to work together in Filmore County."
-- Gary Peterson, Filmore County Commissioner

These materials, Implementing Local Business Retention and Expansion Visitation Programs, take a different approach. They are designed to help guide community leaders through the process. When community leaders have a thorough understanding of their roles in the program, the outcomes are bound to be better. The materials were written by Scott Loveridge, extension associate professor at West Virginia University; and George Morse, professor and extension economist at University of Minnesota; and are based on years of research and experience in the field. Both authors are active members of Business, Retention and Expansion International.

"It is a vehicle that people can get on to establish rapport with their businesses."
-- John Morris, Minnesota Extension Service

The BR&E package includes a notebook, marketing brochures, five training booklets (complete with CD-ROM for easy duplication), and a video. The materials sell for $45.00 per package. These prices do not include tax or shipping and handling charges. The training booklets ONLY are also available for $9.00.

For more information or to order:
The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development
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The Pennsylvania State University
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or call 814-863-4656

The following BR&E materials are available on-line:

General Brochure

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Task Force
Volunteer Visitors
Frequently Asked Questions and Where to Find the Answers

For: Implementing Local Business Retention and Expansion Visitation Programs

Table of Contents

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Booklet 1 - sneak peek

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