Business Retention and Expansion Strategies Program

Here is a series of five booklets (Loveridge and Morse, 1998) designed to guide a community through a BR&E and featuring volunteers visiting local businesses. The series is titled "Implementing Local Business Retention and Expansion Visitation Programs," and the booklets were designed to be used as an ensemble.
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The first in a five-part series on Business Retention and Expansion. This booklet gives a detailed overview of the BR&E Visitation Program.

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The best people to organize a new BR&E Visitation Program in a community are already the busiest people in town. While this program has tremendous benefits, it is also a lot of work. To overcome this dilemma, this study guide suggests efficient ways to use these materials to evaluate whether or not the program is right for a community, and if so, how to organize it effectively and efficiently.

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This booklet provides details for the community leaders who organize a community's BR&E Visitation Program.

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This booklet gives a step-by-step guide for whoever takes responsibility for organizing the visits to local businesses.

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This booklet provides tips on ways to use BR&E video segments effectively. Note that only two of the videos cited in this booklet are still in use. Those clips are the first two shown under "Excerpts from Retaining and Expanding Business in Your Community" as well as several newer video clips. See BR&E Strategies Program home page for links to the video.