Questions and answers regarding the Northeast Center's RFP, "Drivers of Rural Innovation and Implications for Community and Regional Economic Development."

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please email Kristen Devlin () or Stephan Goetz ().

Q: Will you accept proposals from outside the Northeast region?

A: Yes, all US research institutions are eligible, including Land-Grant and non-Land-Grant institutions.

Q: Are the REIS respondents' locations identified?
A: Yes, there is a county fips code in the data set

Q: Will the funders consider proposals that use outside data sources?
A: This RFA is specifically designed to analyze the REIS data.

Q: What budget form should I use in my proposal?
A: The Research & Related Budget form is available here from Please note, you will need to open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Q: The RFP says access to data will be covered. Will this access include more than one researcher?
A: The NORC data enclave allows access from a dedicated site for approved researchers (e.g., the approved researcher's office). Data downloads are not allowed. NORC charges a nominal fee for more than one site at an institution. This fee can be accommodated in the project budget. If there is a colleague at another institution, then that would require an additional $5,200 access charge -- an extra charge that could be incorporated in the proposed budget, as ERS will not cover multiple institutional access fees for a single project.