This page lists opportunities for collaborating on the Request for Proposals for a NERCRD-sponsored planning grant: Regional Delivery of Successful CRD Extension Programs.

Project Ideas: Are these for you?

Want to import a program to your state?

Importing an established program from another state, either in the NE or other regions, is a way to save several years and thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in development.

Want to export your program to another state?

Exporting one of your strong programs to another state is a way to build your program's reputation, often enhancing your chances for larger grants or fees.

If you have an outstanding CRD Extension program and/or CRD engaged scholarship program, we hope you will consider sharing it with other states, i.e "exporting it." similar to the ones above and we will post it. Try to keep it to 250 words, no more than 300. If you have more materials, provide links.