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A description of each of the projects that NERCRD has funded through its small-grants program.

Four projects have been selected to receive funding through the Center's 2019-2020 small grants program, based on input from an independent review panel. The four project teams comprise 35 individuals from nine states, who will address community and economic development issues including the recreation economy, entrepreneurship education, Main Street revitalization, and attracting new residents. Congratulations to the funded teams, and thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal!

A description of the three multi-state projects that were funded through the NERCRD "Impacts of Successful Extension Programs" grant program (2017-2018).

A description of the two projects that were funded through the NERCRD Regional Collaboration of Successful CRD Extension Program Planning Grant (2015-2016)

News and updates about the NERCRD small-grants program and the funded teams, including publications and resources that result from funded projects.