Journal Entry

2/25/75 A fundamental choice seems to be before me: Do I lower my intellectual aspirations or do I increase the intensity of my effort? I cannot continue at my present level of slipshod output. In five years I have produced very little of value in writing. The well-being paper is in shambles. I must destroy all but the file copies. I'll do Ford's chapter over the next 2-3 weeks. That should be easy, relating as it does to teaching materials, and should give me some confidence. Then, I think, I'll work on 2-3 short, pointed data papers. After that I have to do something in theory. There's too much in the well-being paper to abandon it entirely. I need to get in print with a critique of rural development. Maybe that's what I'll do for RS. Then I need to do something with the guts of the thing. Maybe that would do for Reynolds' Annapolis conference. Then, I'm gonna leave that bullshit and plunge as deeply as I can into community field theory. I'm not sure I'll want to stop short of a book-length manuscript laying out all of it - or all I've got of it. I think I'll stick to sociology on that, and leave the social pay out. Along the way, I think I must get some other data projects along. The above is really all the theory I want to write for the next ten years.

It is one helluva slump I'm trying to get over!