The happiest times for me have been times when I was writing... --Ken Wilkinson

The Shedding of Masks, 1968

In one of Ken's journal entries of 1968, he writes of an experience that became a very real turning point in his life, one which would effect his interrelationships with students and colleagues in the years ahead. It was the beginning of what he refers to as a shedding of "masks." The experience occurred during Ken's tenure at Mississippi State, while teaching a course on the sociology of small groups.

Times, 1974
Good Things List, 1974
Good Ol' Boy
Slump, 1975

Journal Entry

How to Write a Thesis Good
Untitled Poem #2-- Prison Experience, 1976
Untitled Poem #3- Freely,1976
Community Structure and Process, 1968

*Address to the 20th Annual Church and Community Leadership Institute "Communication and Community," January 29-31, 1968, Mississippi State University, co-sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service of Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Christian Community Fellowship.

Malthus and/or Marx, 1977

*Presented at the annual symposium sponsored by the University Steering Committee for Science, Technology, and Society, Penn State University, April 28, 1977.

The Small-Town Community: Its Character and Survival, 1986

*Address to the Third Biennial GITAP Interdisciplinary Conference, "Down to Earth: People on the Land - Questions of Food, Work, People, and Land," November 16-21, 1986, Grand Forks, North Dakota, sponsored by the Group for Interdisciplinary Theory and Praxis (GITAP), University of North Dakota.


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