October 26, 1993

Dear Ken:

This is a letter I have been wanting to write for several weeks, ever since I heard that you were diagnosed with cancer. Of course, I can't adequately express how deeply sorry I am that you have been stricken with this illness. I know this has to be a very painful and trying process for both you and Bev. At the same time, I have never known you to do anything but to keep your spirits high and to have a positive outlook about life. It is a special gift that you have Ken, a gift that I only wish more people could possess.

My writing to you is intended to not only let you and Bev know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, but also to let you know Ken how very grateful I am for the significant impact you have had on my life, as a professional and as an individual. Your works have been a guiding light for my own research. But more than that, you have been a mentor - even though I never attended Penn State. You have always been there to guide and influence my work, and for that I am deeply grateful. Over and above all of that, however, you have been a valuable friend and colleague, one who has always encouraged me to pursue jobs that I never thought I had a chance at. Even though it ended up I didn't get these jobs, I did end up on the final list of candidates, something that I never thought would have been possible - but you did. Thanks for believing in me and for supporting my candidacy for various positions over the years.

Your contributions to our discipline have been immense, Ken, but the most valuable gift you have given is the manner in which you have touched the lives and careers of so many of your students over the years. My fondest hope is that you will begin to realize significant improvements in your health, a hope that I know countless numbers of your colleagues across the world embrace as well. Please take care and give my very best to Bev.


Bo Beaulieu