One of Ken's daughters-in-law gave this poem to Beverly Henshaw.

      I want to touch the lines of your face
      And read the inspiraions etched upon your lips
      I want to look deeply into your eyes
      And swim in their gentle courage.

      I want to hold your hand,
      Big and strong,
      And feel the support of a lifetime
      Holding me up--
      Always encouraging me to grow.

      I want to lay my head
      Against your chest
      And listen to the steady beating
      Of the love that never failed.

      I want to stand briefly in your shadow
      Dark in contrast to the burning sun,
      And measure my movements
      against yours.

      I want to feel your arms
      wrapped tightly around me
      And know that nothing
      Can ever break their grasp.

      I want mostly to remember--
      to touch the lines of your face
      To rub your cheek gently
      And whisper softly in your ear
      That I will hold you always
      Well within my reach
      And deeply within my soul

      Valerie Wilkinson 12/24/93