Ken and Janet Wilkinson, 1946

Ken and Janet Wilkinson, 1946

November 21, 1993

In Loving Memory of my Brother - Kenneth Paul Wilkinson

For the past forty-eight years I was blessed with having you as my "Big Brother." My childhood memories are so full of the wonderful times we had.

Being six years younger than you - I'm sure I was at times a "pesky" little sister - but I was always so eager to be a part of everything my "Big Brother" did. When you learned to drive, I was so thrilled when you would take me along in the car and we would turn the radio up loud on our favorite country station and sing along.

You always excelled in school - but never once did you make me feel that my own achievements were any less important than your own.

In adulthood I came to consider you not only a loving Brother, but also my friend. You were always there when I needed you.

You never let your love and consideration for our parents be taken for granted. You always told them of your love for them and showed them in every way possible how much you cared for them.

During our final visit together just a few short days ago, you and I talked together about some of your concerns - not concerns for yourself - but concerns for our Mother's well-being. Even while you were so ill, your love and concern for your family was your first priority.

I will always be thankful that we were able to come and say our last good-byes to you in person. We took great comfort in the fact that you were so peaceful even though your body was failing you.

Your last words to me were "Janet, I'll see you on the other side." I can imagine that you are having a wonderful "family re-union" in heaven now - finally able to find those missing links in the family genealogy that you so loved to pursue.

Until I join you there, I will cherish all the wonderful memories that now bring me comfort.

In my heart you will always be my wonderful "Big Brother."

With loving memories, Janet