THE DOING OF RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: A Celebration in Honor of Kenneth P. Wilkinson

On August 13-15, 1995, former students, colleagues and friends of Ken Wilkinson gathered at Penn State. "The Doing of Rural Community Development" was organized by A.E. Luloff as a way to honor Wilkinson.

Presentations and discussions captured the way in which Wilkinson contributed to the lives of his colleagues and to the development of the study of community. This publication, Community, was inspired by the symposium and its participants.

Participants in the Symposium

Following is a list of all of the participants in the symposium (and their affiliation at the time of the symposium):

Brown, Emery
Gichuhi, A.

Community Alternatives for Criminal Justice Program

Seibel, Barbara

Cornell University

Young, Frank

Delta State University

Robinson, Jerry

East Texas State University

Singh, R.

Economic Research Service

Cook, Peggy

Institute for Social and Economic Change, India

Reddy, M.

Iowa State University

Ryan, Vernon
Wu, Chi-In

Morehead State University

Tallichet, Suzanne

Penn State

Abdelrahman, Ali
Alter, Ted
Beck, Frank
Bridger, Jeff
Hanson, Greg
Heasley, Daryl
Humphrey, Craig
Jacob, Steve
Jensen, Leif
Kassab, Cathy
Luloff, A.E.
Martin, Ken
McLaughlin, Diane
Parish, Domenico
Pigg, Kenneth
Preston, Deborah
Radhakrishna, Rama
Sachs, Carolyn
Seshan, Sheila
Smith, D. Clayton
Smith, Kate
Smith, Stephen
Stokes, Shannon
Warland, Rex

St. Paul's Parish

Hoover, Rev. John

Tuskegee University

Zekeri, Andrew

University of Kentucky

Harris, Rosalind
Swanson, Lou

University of Vermont

Cruise, James
Guptill, Amy
Hathaway, Mike
Schmidt, Fred
Wiberg, Kevin


Stuby, Richard

Utah State University

Krannich, Rick