Everyone needs a hero and a friend.

I had a lot of heroes when I was a kid. Some fictional, some real. And as I recall their stories, the one magical quality they all possessed was their ability to turn darkness into light.
-- Eileen Zuber

The editors would like to thank everyone who contributed to Community. In particular, without Beverly Henshaw, Willie Mae Wilkinson, and the other members of Ken Wilkinson's family, this publication would have been impossible. We also would like to thank all of Ken's former students and friends who contributed material. We hope that your students continue his legacy. Finally, thanks to all of the artists who agreed to let us use their work. We spent a great deal of time searching the Web for appropriate photographs and paintings, and thank you for your generosity.


THE DOING OF RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: A Celebration in Honor of Kenneth P. Wilkinson

A brief essay on the history of the internet and why it is not a perfect publishing world.

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