Community: A Different Biography

A biography in honor of the life and work of Ken Wilkinson.

Everyone needs a hero and a friend.

. . . despite the distances [miles separating the Wilkinson family], it was clear that community was more than a subject matter in this household -- it was life. -- A.E. Luloff

The happiest times for me have been times when I was writing... --Ken Wilkinson

. . . I can never sit down to do my work on this project without thinking of KPW. He is always in the back of my mind, pushing and prodding me when I'm not doing the same to myself. I readily admit, too, that at times when I remember that he's gone, I pause briefly from my work to just sit and occasionally just to cry. -- Suzanne E. Tallichet

I know of no one who has better served his discipline, his colleagues, students and friends. -- Steve Murdock