Class of Worker

Employed persons 16 years and over

  1. Private wage and salary workers
  2. Government workers
    1. Local government workers
    2. State government workers
    3. Federal government workers
  3. Self-employed workers
  4. Unpaid family workers


Labor Force Status

Persons 16 years and over

  1. In labor force
    1. Civilian labor force
      1. employed
      2. unemployed
    2. Armed Forces
  2. Not in labor force


For current (2001) county-level unemployment rates:

Class of Worker

Number Percent

Private wage and salary workers



Government workers



Self-employed workers in own not incorporated business



Unpaid family workers




1997 Economic Census Surveys of Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises

Provide valuable economic data on business owners' race, ethnicity, and gender. These surveys are part of the economic census program, which the Census Bureau is required to conduct every 5 years by law (Title 13 of the United States Code). The Census Bureau combines data from these surveys with data from the other economic censuses and presents them in the SMOBE/SWOBE Company Statistics Series. The published data include number of firms, sales and receipts, paid, employees and annual payroll. Data are presented by geographic area, industry, firm size, and legal form of organization.