Community Listening Posts Project

Community Response Training

The Center for Democratic Renewal will establish 250 communnity listening posts across the country and internationally by 2008. CDR staff offers training for communities on recording incidents of hate, working cooperatively with law enforcement, and identifying active hate groups in local communities. CDR will also travel to locations where hate activity has been reported to work with community members on developing a specialized plan for responding to hate. Regular contact is made via the Internet, and soon our website will be an interactive forum for additional training on hate groups, police brutality, hate incidents, and human rights abuses.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Center aims to advance the vision of a democratic, diverse and just society free of racism and bigotry. It helps communities combat groups, communities, and government practices that exemplify hatred. To learn more about the Center for Democratic Renewal contact Dexter Windbush at (404) 221-0025.