Detailed Examples of the Data

US Census Bureau

You have the choice of mapping the data, or examining the data in the form of tables. Both methods are described here, and sample maps are presented along with illustrative tables for one county. For the data tables, you can choose either the QuickTables (data for a particular geography) or Geographic Comparison Tables (if you want to compare data for different geographies)

A note on Census Geography

The Census Bureau reports data for the following units of geography, which represent successively smaller places, and it provides powerful mapping resources to allow you to map your data at these levels:

The United States (total)

  • States
    • Counties within States
      • County - census tract
      • County - subdivision and place, etc

Census Geography

Using the FactFinder it is possible to compare your county or unit of geography with other places in the same State or in the nation.

To access the data, go to (this is the American FactFinder, in the left-hand column, off the US Census Bureau's main page at

You will have the choice of creating tables, or maps. Under the "Show Me" button, pick the variable of interest to you, and under the "For" button select the geographic unit. In general, maps are helpful for finding particular concentrations of certain variables within counties (such as concentrations of the poor, or families that do not speak English at home as the first language).

Data content: This file presents data from the population and housing long form, also known as the "Sample Data" because they are obtained from questions asked of a sample (generally 1-in-6) of persons and housing units. Data are provided on the following Census 2000 subjects not previously released in Summary Files 1 and 2:

Types of Data available:


Ability to speak English
Citizenship status
Class of worker
Farm Residence
Educational attainment

Employment status

Grandparents as caregivers
Income in 1999
Journey to work (commuting)
Language spoken at home
Marital status
Place of birth
Place of work
Poverty status in 1999
School enrollment
Veteran status


Heating Fuel
Kitchen facilities
Mortgage status
Real estate taxes
Selected monthly owner costs (utilities, insurance, fuel costs)
Telephone service
Units in structure
Value of home or monthly rent paid
Vehicles available
Year moved into residence
Year structure built

Subjects listed below are included in Summary File 3 tables and are previously released subjects covered in Summary Files 1 and 2:

  • Age
  • Hispanic or Latino origin
  • Household relationship
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Tenure
  • Vacancy status


Here is an example of a county map that is available from the American FactFinder: Centre County, Pennsylvania

Am FactFinder map