(Relevant for Extension Educators) This section lists basic demographic variables related to diversity that are relevant for Extension educators, discusses why the variables are important, and provides links to data sources for the different variables at different levels of geographic detail. Data are available at the state, county and sub-county levels, such as the Census tract level. Most of the data are also available at different points in time, allowing basic trends to be identified.

A 2013 presentation on economic and socio-demographic trends in the Northeast is available here. It was presented by Dr. Stephan Goetz at the Northeast 4-H Program Leaders Summer Meeting on July 30, 2013.

What To Look For, Why, and Where To Find the Data on The Web

by Stephan J. Goetz, Ph.D.

Most of the data listed here are from the US Census, and they represent straightforward demographic categories. In addition, data on the unemployed and self-employed are included, because these groups tend to be more difficult to reach and are therefore often excluded from educational programming.

Mapping Census 2000

The geography of US Diversity