The NERCRD Northeast States

The NERCRD Northeast States

The Center…

  • Assists Northeast states in responding to rural development needs.
  • Initiates and facilitates workshops and conferences on current rural development issues.
  • Provides grant to support outcome focused activities.
  • Initiates and coordinates networking among rural development partners.
  • Produces and distributes research and educational materials through newsletters, annual reports, other publications, and its web page.

We are

  • A catalyst for research and extension within the 15 land-grant universities in the northeast (12 states and D.C.).
  • A resource to practitioners and policy-makers in the states, region, and nation.
  • A partner to community decision-makers and organizational leaders and other rural development professionals.

The Center Goals…

  • Improving economic competitiveness and diversification
  • Supporting management and strategic planning for economic investment
  • Enhancing community capacity through leadership education
  • Assisting in family and community adjustments to stress and change
  • Promoting constructive use of the environment

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