Center Affiliates

In appreciation of all of the work that has been done in forwarding the mission of the Northeast Center, we would like to recognize the following individuals as Center Affiliates.

Kathy Brasier,

Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology
Penn State University

Michael Dougherty,

Extension Specialist
West Virginia University

Charlie French,

Community and Economic Development Specialist
University of New Hampshire

Todd Gabe,

Associate Professor, Department of Resource Economics and Policy
University of Maine

Rod Howe,

Assistant Director, Community & Economic Vitality
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Assistant Director, CaRDI

Daniel Kuennen,

Director of The Rural Development Center
University of Maryland-Eastern Shore

Peter Marshall,

Extension Specialist
West Virginia University

Mary Peabody,

Extension Specialist
University of Vermont

Anusuya Rangarajan,

Director of Small Farms Program
Cornell University

William Shuffstall,

Senior Extension Educator
Penn State University