Environmental Economics and Policy Option

If you see yourself working in environmental economics and environmental policy in the future, this option may be for you.

For prospective students and those enrolled since Summer 2018:

For students enrolled prior to Summer 2018:

This option will help you build skills in economics and in understanding the policy arena as related to the environment. Students selecting the CED Environmental Economics and Policy option (CED-EEP) focus their studies on learning more advanced economics.

Career Prospects

Students selecting the CED-EEP option may pursue postgraduate education or internships preparing them for employment in U.S. and international agencies, consulting firms, and U.S. and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Students in this option are often interested in continuing on to graduate school or studying environmental law.

Students pursuing Environmental Economics and Policy may be particularly interested in building a specialization in a science field, perhaps even earning a minor, engaging in a CED international study experience with an environmental focus, and/or conducting undergraduate research with internationally-recognized CED faculty. Students may also want to take higher-level economics courses to fulfill their CED specialization.