Community and Economic Development Option

If you see yourself working in the U.S. sustainable local development field in the future, this option could be for you.

For prospective students and those enrolled since Summer 2018:

For students enrolled prior to Summer 2018:

Students selecting the Community and Economic Development (CED-CED) option focus on developing skills that can help prepare them for jobs in the United States. Towns and cities, townships and boroughs, counties and corporations all strive to improve the quality of life of their residents.

Communities are working to shape their own futures. Given the increasing complexity of local governance, specialized training in the social and economic aspects of community development provides critical skills and background for professionals interested in working with communities, local organizations and business leaders.

Efforts include: creating more and better jobs; revitalizing downtown areas; protecting the surrounding natural environment; enhancing educational, social, and health services; building leadership capacity; and developing vital infrastructure.

Career Prospects

Students selecting this option can pursue jobs as development consultants, with local and regional planning associations, or with AmeriCorps, as examples.  The CED-CED Option helps prepare students for this market. Students selecting this option may also want to pursue post-baccalaureate training, e.g., studies in development sociology or city or regional planning.